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This site began to enable you to get a lots space to advertise responsible products, services, or a personal page for anyone that wished to place an for their business up to one year very inexpensive.  The past few days, I have been getting a lot of request for more personal and political information. Please take the time out of your busy schedule to explore the links, on this page.  



This is a great tribute to our people doing a job to make our country as safe as possible. An American Tribute---Must See and Hear, turn up your speakers: This has photos and Ricky Skaggs music with a little girl reading a letter she's written to her daddy.


Remembering our Soldiers, This weekend is Armed Forces Day, Welcome Home Soldiers Welcome them home and say Thank You


An American Hero, that you didn't hear in the news from your major Newspapers, Radio, or Television. An American Hero


A head has rolled, take a look at our American Values!

American Values


My name is Evelyn and this is the way it works:  you let me know what product, or service you provide, I will post it and keep it up for 365 days, for very low cost of $19.95, that you may pay into PayPal. If you don't have a PayPal account, you will be able to set it up at the bottom of this page. Your page will be presented to as many qualified customers as possible without spamming. There are no guarantees other than the posting.

  Savers Delight  is not responsible for the quality of the products or services posted.  Each person has to fulfill whatever commitments they make. My only responsibility is to  place your advertisement on the net.

Along with the advertisements can be pictures, poems, clean jokes, short articles, family pictures and pets, if you have a hobby that you would like to show the world, this is the place for it.    

You email me, the infomation you want on your page. If you wish a full page with your own link. Please give me full information for an ad, along with banners, or pictures.

Please keep in mind this is not only for people that have a service to offer, but others seeking a service.  This is a friendly family page.  If you have a lost child or animal, email me a picture with full description, plus all the information necessary to contact you.

EMAIL ME For me to place your Ad it is necessary that you furnish: Your name, address, phone number, and your email address, so that I will be able to contact you if I need more information. Please email me as much information as possible. Your ad will only have as much personal information as you wish, your personal information will never be passed on in any form


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